The Legend Of Drunken Master: Jackie Chan Will Crawl Across Hot Coals Just To Entertain You

the_legend_of_drunken_master2The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)

Genre: Action | Comedy
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Chia-Liang Liu/Jackie Chan
Stars: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Lung Ti

Before corporate Hollywood shanghaied Jackie Chan’s career and ruined it [The Tuxedo, really?], he was known as the undisputed master at combining action and comedy. This hard-hitting, combination knock-out style of entertainment is never more effective than in The Legend of Drunken Master (originally released in Hong Kong under the title Drunken Master II). Continue reading

The Raid: Redemption – Or How to Put a Beat down on the Action Film Genre

the_raidThe Raid: Redemption (2011)

Genre: Action | Crime
Country: Indonesia
Director: Gareth Evans
Stars: Iko Uwais, Ananda George, Ray Sahetapy

I love over-the-top violence in films. I can’t help it. It literally makes me giddy. Now, before you start worrying about my psychopathic tendencies, let’s be clear that it’s only movie violence that brings me to exuberant bliss. If I actually saw someone get shot in the face in real life, I would consider it to be extremely traumatic. But as long as I can watch a film through the veil of understanding that what I’m seeing is pure movie-magic fakery, then I say the more katana swords and corn syrup blood the better. Continue reading