WTF: Oh The Horror!



In the past the horror genre was always viewed as the red-headed stepchild of the film industry. Slasher films, movie monsters, and scream queens have generally brought upon snickers and down-the-nose glances from Hollywood’s elite. It wasn’t until the unprecedented success of Silence of the Lambs in 1991 that it became fashionable to take on a flick that goes bump in the night. But the truth is, the who’s who of Hollywood have been landing roles in horror long before it was trendy to terrify.

And so begins a three part series showcasing the scary work of some of today’s biggest names in cinema. Some of these films you may have heard of and some will just downright surprise you. We begin with the first seventeen. Continue reading

Twister: An Okie Separates Fact from Fiction

Olympic Rings

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in my very first blogathon. Screenkicker has launched the first Screenkicker Olympics, showcasing reviews and articles about actors and films from all around this great, wide world. I took the opportunity to represent the great state of Oklahoma and our fascinating (albeit, sometimes terrifying) weather, as seen in the movie, Twister. You can read the intro below and then follow the provided link to access the full article. Continue reading

Rear Window: Old vs. New, In a Matter of Opinion


I recently had the honor of being asked to write a collaborative piece with fellow blogger, Ryan from Films and Figures. Ryan’s blog features fantastic reviews of the American Film Institute’s (AFI’s) 100 Years, 100 Movies list (if you have yet to check out Films and Figures, I urge you to do so). Our collaborative efforts would cover number forty-eight on AFI’s infamous list, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, Rear Window. Ryan would exemplify the opinion of a first time viewer, while I would attempt to deify what I affectionately refer to as “My favorite movie of all time.” In simpler terms, just as the title suggests, I would represent the ‘Old’, while Ryan represents the ‘New’.

Once we had metaphorically signed on the dotted cyber line, I almost immediately became terrified. Not that I in any way doubted Ryan’s abilities. Ryan’s reviews are meticulous, well written, honest, and often humorous critiques of some the most iconic films the industry has to offer. No, the pangs of uncertainty that settled in the pit of my stomach were all derived from one question. How could I possibly do justice to a film that I hold in such high regard? Continue reading

Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens): Gets My Stamp of Approval


Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens)(2000)

Genre: Thriller | Crime
Country: Argentina
Director: Fabián Bielinsky
Stars: Ricardo Darín, Gastón Pauls, Leticia Brédice

Juan’s father is a lifelong con artist imprisoned for his last failed scam. In order to raise money to bribe a judge into reducing his father’s sentence, Juan must enter the world of the grift. During one of his cons, Juan successfully swindles a cashier. But when his greed and inexperience has him attempting the same scheme in the same store at shift change, Juan is busted by Marcos, an off-duty officer who’s been watching his every move.

Once out of sight of the store, Marcos reveals to Juan that he’s not a cop, but actually a fellow con artist. After hearing Juan’s story of his father’s plight, Marcos offers to take him under his wing and teach him the tricks of the trade. Continue reading