WTF: Oh The Horror! Part 2



Welcome to part two of WTF (What the Friday): Oh The Horror! What is this? What’s going on? I feel awkward and out of the loop! Fear not my dear readers. If you missed the horror of the talented entries from part one, just click this here link to get yourself all caught up. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

All better? Excellent! Below is the series synopsis that I totally plagiarized from part one because, well I was just too damn lazy to write something new.

“In the past the horror genre was always viewed as the red-headed stepchild of the film industry. Slasher films, movie monsters, and scream queens have generally brought upon snickers and down-the-nose glances from Hollywood’s elite. It wasn’t until the unprecedented success of Silence of the Lambs in 1991 that it became fashionable to take on a flick that goes bump in the night. But the truth is, the who’s who of Hollywood have been landing roles in horror long before it was trendy to terrify.”

And so we continue a three part series showcasing the scary work of some of today’s biggest names in cinema. Some of these films you may have heard of and some will just downright surprise you. Here are the next seventeen entries. Continue reading