‘THE LAST OF US’ Should be a Movie

My editor, Rick Cook Jr. posted an article this morning that immediately caught fire and caused a bit of controversy within the gaming community. Since the post’s subject matter is also related to film, I’ve chosen to reblog the article.

In response to the announcement that Naughty Dog’s hugely successful video game, The Last of Us will be adapted to the silver screen, Rick’s article, titled ‘THE LAST OF US’ Should be a Movie, presents his opinion of how the plot from one of the most successful and beloved games of all time could possibly benefit from an expansion of the game’s narrative.

As part of a community that encourages and applauds personal opinion, I felt The Critical Cinephile would be a great way to share Rick’s thoughts with a different audience. Be sure to visit Rick’s site, Panning For Clouds and let him know what you think.

Panning For Clouds

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1. There will be Spoilers for The Last of Us video game, you have been warned.
2. The entirety of the opinion about The Last of Us being served well as a movie is dependent on it being an adaptation of the content of the game. Since no word has yet (as of 3-12-2014) been confirmed about just what the movie would be based upon, the opinion could be rendered null and just an interesting thought experiment if they choose to tell a new, unique story in the universe of the game instead of an adaptation of the game’s content.
Edit 2014-03-13: Neil Druckmann confirmed through IGN that it will be an adaptation of the story in the game, but still no specific details.
3. Some of the concepts discussed in this essay are written about at greater length in my Opinion on…

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