The Shitfest Social 2: The Moleman of Belmont Avenue

What happens when you get some of the craziest film bloggers from around the world together to watch a really crappy movie? Why it’s a Shitfest Social of course! How does it work? A poor, unsuspecting film is chosen and a date and time is agreed upon. When said date and time arrives, we all press play and unleash comment hell. Think MST3K, internet style.

Our host was the psychotic ever charming, Eric of the IPC [which makes him sound like a Viking]. Our film was The Moleman of Belmont Avenue; and in this instance it’s perfectly acceptable to judge a film by its title. It’s pretty damn bad. Which of course, just made the comments and digs that much better.

So if you missed the opportunity to join us live, it’s not too late to experience the social event of the season. Here’s how you can play the home version:

STEP 1: Queue up The Moleman of Belmont Avenue (currently streaming on Netflix).

STEP 2: Head on over to IPC.

STEP 3: Press play, and then read along in the comments section. [Proceed to STEP 4 or skip ahead to STEP 5]

STEP 4: Laugh until the liquid of your choice comes out of your nose.

STEP 5: Be grateful you don’t know any of us personally.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but and hour and a half of your precious time [which probably could have been spent watching Game of Thrones, or organizing you sock drawer].


5 responses to “The Shitfest Social 2: The Moleman of Belmont Avenue

    • Thanks Mikey-Mike! You had some mighty good zingers as well. I had such a great time. So glad I found a group of like-minded, crazy bloggers that constantly keep me in stitches. Can’t wait to rip another film a new one!

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